Removing the gibbon image at the footer

Hi Ross, Hope you are fine.
I want to remove the gibbon image at the footer of the page. I deleted the image from the theme folder but i am seeing the alt text “logo small” at the bottom. How do i remove that text?

Found it Ross.

Will, to be honest we’d really prefer to keep the footer information in tact. No problem removing the Gibbon icon, but please help us by removing any of the copyright, credit or link information from the bottom. This information is vital for our project in a number of ways.

That’s ok . Wanted to change only the icon.

How to remove the alt text “logo small” at the bottom after delete gibbon image at the footer of the page?


Hi i9learning, we don’t mind if you remove the image, but please do keep the copyright and credit information in the footer. To remove the icon I suggest you edit /index.php, and remove the following line from near the end of the file:

<img style=‘z-index: 9999; margin-top: -82px; margin-left: 850px; opacity: 0.8’ alt=‘Logo Small’ src=‘./themes/<?php echo $_SESSION[$guid]['gibbonThemeName'] ?>/img/logoFooter.png’/>

This is a bit of a core hack, and will be overwritten when you update, so you’ll have to redo it.

Later this afternoon I’ll move the style for this into the theme, so that it can be removed at the theme level.

Thanks :slight_smile:

i have better solution !!
go to themes > default >css > main.css
line no 219
#footer-logo {
z-index: 9999;
margin-top: -82px;
margin-left: 850px;
opacity: 0;

@steuxnet, a fair alternative, but it will still be overwritten when updating Gibbon. You could always spin up a new theme, although this requires some maintenance too. Changes in the pipeline for v18/19 should overcome this issue, as themes will inherit changes from the core, which they can then overwrite. This means that they don’t need to include all CSS, just CSS adjustments from the default theme.

First time asking a question, but let me first say I am not as comprehending on the system as all of you, so I am asking advise. Here is what I need, is went to admin–system admin—logo. Here is the big mystery, is there any simple way for me to place our university logo in here…any help would be appreciated…thank you

Please remember (give me instructions in laymen terms)


Hi Troy, welcome to the Gibbon forums! :smiley: No worries, all skill levels are welcome. I’ll do my best to describe these in laymen terms, but feel free to follow up with any questions.

If you’re looking to replace the logo at the top of the page, then you’re in the right spot with Admin > System Admin > Logo. The tricky part is it requires having the logo image on your server. Do you have access to upload files to your server where Gibbon is installed? If so, try these steps:

  1. Login to your Gibbon server via FTP or other means. You should see the root Gibbon folder, which contains a lot of files and other folders such as installer, lib, modules, resources, etc.
  2. From here, look for and open the uploads` folder.
  3. Upload your university logo into this folder. For these purposes, I’ll assume it’s called logo.png (a size of 400px by 100px works best).
  4. In Admin > System Admin > Logo enter the value uploads/logo.png`
  5. Scroll to the bottom and submit this form. You should see the logo at the top of the page change.

Hope this helps!

I do have the image now, however i have one little issue, i resized to 200 x 200 and formatted into png, but it still shows a large image, any suggestions on that occurence, oh by the way, thank you so much for your help.

Also, it makes no difference about the size I use for the png, it still comes out large on submit, I tried different png’s large pic each time…also there is a small image icon in the header where my logo will go, does that make any difference? Just trying to provide as much info as possible