Removing the "Attendance" in the report card

Good day y’all!

Please advise how to remove the Attendance in the report card. I understand that this can be done under the Template Builder where we can add and drop it to the template. However, for our Middle School report card template I can’t find it.

I tried to check it in Manage Assets but no luck.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Should I just remove the below from the Template Code:

{{ loop.first ? class.attendance.absent|default(0) : ' -' }} {{ loop.first ? class.attendance.late|default(0) : ' -' }}

Hi Chellie,

I am still getting up to speed with the new Reports module, but you definitely should not need to end any code. Instead, if you edit the template in question, you should be able to identify the Attendance section and remove it from the report:

Let us know how you get on.


Hi Ross,

Thanks for the reply. For our Elementary report template I can see “Elementary Attendance” and there is an option to delete but for our Middle School report card template, this is how it looks like:

There is “Attendance” section that I can delete. That is why I thought of checking the template codes.

Please advise.

Kind regards,

*There is NO “Attendance” section that I can delete. That is why I thought of checking the template codes.

Hi Chellie,

The template your Middle School is using is a modified version of the TIS template, which has attendance built-into the table. In this case yes, you would need to edit the template. The best bet would be to use the Duplicate action in Manage Assets and create a new template (eg: Secondary Course Grades - No Attendance). Then you would need to edit the template code to remove the attendance columns. This will also affect the colspan in other rows of the table, so be sure to reduce those by 2 to ensure the column counts still add up.

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for your reply.

I tried to duplicate the Secondary Course Grade template but I got the below error:

Hi Chellie,

Looks like a file permission error, I ran chown to set the resources/reports folder to the apache user and the error was fixed. I’ve made a note to add this to the System Check tool so it’s easier to see the error in the future. I tested it out, so there is now a “Secondary Course Grades - No Attendance” template that you should be able to edit.

Hi Sandra,

Yes, thank you so much for your help! :blush: