Removing students from Roll Groups

How do I remove students from roll groups, as students have left the school and are still on the roll

Hi icttech,

There’s two options for removing students from Roll Groups:

  • For students who have left, you can go to User Admin > Manage Users and edit the student account. Here you can change the Status to Left and scroll-down to set the End Date for that student. This is also useful for students who are going to leave at a later date, or set a Start Date in the future for students who haven't started yet.
  • The other option to remove a Roll Group is to delete the student enrolment is Students > Student Enrolment. It's important to note this removes the history of them having attended, and is generally only useful in a case where a student may have been enroled but never did end up attending that year.

Hi icttech. Sandra is spot on here, and I would only add one thing. If you set a user’s end date in advance, the system will stop showing them in most views (e.g. Attendance, Planner, Markbook) once that date is reached. Another step is to use the User Management command line tool and cron to automatically switch such students from status Full to Left. You can see instructions for doing this, and other CLI jobs in Gibbon, using the link below:

Good luck!

Thank you very much for the information, I will be working soon to fix this issue at my school. Cheers!!