Removing incorrect attendance data

We have 15 student attendance records that were posted to the wrong class. Our school year is from July 1 through June 31 and contains a fall semester and a spring semester. After we moved into the spring semester over New Year, about 15 student attendance records were incorrectly entered into Fall Semester classes rather than the Spring Semester classes.
How should I handle this? Option 1, delete the record from the individual student’s name and date page. Then enter the same student’s attendance for the correct class. (There seems to be no way to delete the record from the class attendance page, though I could change the Present to Absent, but that would record an absence on a date that class did not meet.) Option 2, use MySQL to delete the record, but those links look a little tricky, especially with the audit log of which teacher made the entry and when. Though I’m pretty familiar with SQL, I would prefer some indication this is the best way before trying it. Option 3 is to change the class links in the records linking to both the person and class to reflect the new class that he is in. Option 4 would be whatever way you suggest that I haven’t been able to figure out.

Thanks in advance for your advice and directions!

Hi Glenn, I’d be tempted to go with Option 1, as it is the least likely to cause accidental damage to other data. As long as you have the permission for “Manage Attendance Logs” in Attendance checked, you can delete records for individual students. Cheers, Ross.

Thanks. That should get me on the right path.