Registration AM and PM

As a school we take registration AM and PM and are expected to show attendance figures based on a per session basis rather than a day so when parents and leadership look at the stats lets say the school has been open 250 days then they would expect that it shows 500 sessions and if a pupil has only had half a day absent (IE left at lunch) they would be shown present for 499 sessions.

If it would be possible to include this in the system some how I would be very grateful.

Gibbon v13 now supports Attendance by Class and is planned to release in January. It would be possible to create placeholder classes (an AM and PM for each roll group/homeroom), and assign teachers who take attendance to the respective classes. Then you’d be able to track attendance twice per day, see which sessions haven’t been recorded in a day, and look up the attendance numbers.

:slight_smile: Great.

That’s brilliant, exactly what we needed too, when is this version expected to be released?

Thank you for all your hard work.


From what I can tell the planned release is the end of January I think I’ve seen the date of the 22nd somewhere.

Tahseen, Pedley, v13 is, as per our Gibbon Development Road Map, due to be released on January 20th. In fact, given our current status I expect it to be released on the evening of January 19th, Hong Kong time. Thanks, Ross.