Reading the password problem

For certain reason, I want to read the password and show it for the user.
I am trying to decrypt the passwordstrong with salt but always fail. Any help?

Hi Hassan,

Passwords in Gibbon are hashed and cannot be decrypted, which is a common security practice to ensure that even if a database is accessed the passwords are still safe.

You could change the user’s password yourself to something new and share it with them. Otherwise, if you need to change a lot of passwords, you could use a tool like Data Admin to upload the passwords from a spreadsheet, which will be hashed on import.

Hope this helps!

Hi Hassan and Sandra,

I had the same problem, but understand the security reason behind not decrypting password. However, I did a bulk user import from a spreadsheet without passwords, which means that Gibbon automatically generated a password. Obviously, because of the encryption, I cannot see the passwords that Gibbon generated and thus can’t email users their login details. The only solution I see is to re-import the users, but manually allocate a password in the spreadsheet or to ask Gibbon to re-generate a password for every individual student and then copy-pasting this password in a separate sheet so I can keep a record of the passwords.
Or, is there an easier way?



Hi Elke, no, I don’t believe there is an easier way than you’ve described. Once the passwords are in the system, there is no direct way to decrypt them. I would say that once you import the passwords, and then let the students know them, you then destroy the record of these passwords. Setting force password reset to Y means that users need to choose a new password on login, helping to keep everything more secure. Thanks! Ross.

Okay, thanks! Elke