Questions on Free Learning Module

I am experimenting with moving our school’s Professional Development Courses to Free Learning Module. I have a few questions on the same:

  1. I want to hide the unit content, till the person enrols in the unit. I believe I have made the correct setting (sreensot attached)

However, the content is still visible to all (see below)

May be I am not understanding the meaning of the setting clearly.

  1. Hyperlink to the prerequisite course does not point to that course. In image believe, the link Book and Print Awareness should go to Book and Print Awareness, instead it goes to Phonemic Awareness.

  2. Is it possible to change the default view to Grid or List, instead of Map?

Thank you.

Problem #1 mentioned above is solved. Though I was switching to teacher role from administrator role, it is not changing permissions. Maybe a bug. But any other login works as expected.

Is it possible to show a particular unit only to a particular grade? Presently, the minimum year group is selectable, but that would mean that my grade 5 student can see all units of grade 5 and below. I want a particular unit to available to a specific grade only. Would that be possible? @rossdotparker

Hi Mohit, it’s lovely to see your enthusiasm for Gibbon and your interest in Free Learning, it’s very much at the heart of the Gibbon philosophy (and Ross even wrote a book about it, although its an academic text so the publisher has made it a bit pricey).

For the permission question, administrators will generally be able to see the unit regardless of visibility settings, because of their high level access permissions to manage units.

Progress through the map is intended to be cumulative, where progress can be continued and built upon, which is why the year group is a minimum. If you did want to separate things out a bit more, you could use the Course option to put the name of the grade, which would split these into separate maps. It still wouldn’t 100% prevent people from seeing the content from a lower year, but the enrolments would all be managed by teachers, and it’s less likely that students would be interested in something marked for a lower year.

Hope this helps! Give a shout with any other Free Learning questions as you get up and running :smiley: