Questions in regard to the tracking module

Hi Ross,

I started to work with the tracking module today.

In the second school term that has ended a few weeks ago, my school conducted about 800 assessments and its results have been transferred into the markbook.

I was thinking that this is the perfect time to have a closer look at the tracking module, since Gibbon doesn’t come with markbook sample data.

It seems that having data for just one term is not really enough to start using the tracking module, right?

It appears that all markbook columns of a particular course are averaged per term resulting in a single dot in the graph. Is that correct?

If I select multiple students, then an average of all students is calculated resulting again in a single dot in the graph, right?

I was expecting, that this module would allow me to compare the performance of different students over a term or simply to observe the development of a single student over a term. It appears I guessed wrong.

I think, this module rather focuses on mid and long term performance developments of individuals and student groups, right?

Can you tell me more about the purpose of this module?

Kind regards


Yes, you are right on all counts! The focus is on inter-, not intra-term tracking of student development. Within a term you should be able to easily look directly at the Markbook and pick up on patterns, but longer term this becomes harder, hence the development of the module.

Also, if you plot over too short a time period, I feel the plots may be too chaotic and the pattern might get lost.



Ok, thanks Ross.