Question regarding „Sync Course Enrolment“ III

Hi Ross,

I noticed that when I add a new map class, the system not always finds a matching roll group for each class, which is perfectly normal. Anyway, the user may still want to assign a roll group and consequently checks the check box but forgets to actually choose a roll group. Wouldn’t it make sense to give a liveValidation message in that case?

I also think that unchecked roll group fields should be grayed out.

Finally, wouldn’t it make sense to search for a matching roll group anytime the user decides to check the check box instead of the user to be forced to set it manually anytime a check box is unchecked? Gosh, what a weird sentence…hope it’s clear. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Hi Roman, sounds like some usability improvements that couldn’t hurt to add. The sync generally gets setup once a year for my schools, so I haven’t spent much additional time optimizing the dropdowns, but you’re more than welcome to PR any improvements you feel would benefit the core :smiley: