Question regarding „Sync Course Enrolment“ II

Hi Ross,

I’m very much interested in „automatic course enrolment“. Course enrolment is currently done manually and is giving us quite some work load also as a result of mistakes. I think that „automatic course enrolment“ may work for us just fine as a base that can consequently be tailored for a particular student, right?

The settings found in „Sync Course Enrolment“ are actually the settings for „automatic course enrolment“, right?

Are the following functions using these settings?

  • Automatic course enrolment, when a student is enrolled in the school
  • Automatic course enrolment, when a student is switched to another roll group
  • Syncing

Kind regards,

Hello again,

Yep, automatic enrollment is part of the sync feature, and occurrs in the situations you’ve mentioned, as well as optionally during the student application acceptance process. In this case, when adding a student to a form group that has a sync setup it’ll auto-enrol them in the specified courses. This can certainly help save time in any situations where there’s a 1-1 correlation between the form group they’re in and the class they take. The sync is selective (with checkboxes), so you can have some classes automatically added, and then use Course Enrolment by Person to manually add classes too.

Thanks @ross. This is a true time saver!