Question regarding „Sync Course Enrolment“ I

Hi Ross,

This is a new option that I haven’t seen before. It looks very interesting!

I haven’t understood yet, why there is the need to sync the course enrolment of students.

E.g. we offer courses which depend on the ease of a student for a particular subject, e.g. english. Some students simply perform generally better than others. Roll group 1 is generally made up of those students and we assign some courses of higher level to these. Anyway, it happens quite often that a student finds it a bit difficult to follow the higher level course and we then reassign him to the standard level course.

How is syncing coming in here? Wouldn’t it mess up our course enrolments?

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Hi Roman, I designed the sync feature so I’m happy to help answer your questions.

In some schools, especially the younger grades, students take courses together as a form group. In these cases, the feature lets you setup a sync to say “Enrol every Gr5.1 student in Gr5Language.1, Gr5Science.1, Gr5Math.1, etc” The sync is selective, so it won’t mess up your courses, it’ll only apply the sync to the selected classes/form groups, and (unless auto-enroll is turned on), it’ll only sync when you click the action. On the sync screen you have the option to preview the students and classes being synced before submitting.

Hi, Sandra, I am trying to sync Roll Group [9_th.09A-div] with Class [09th-Eng-SL.A-div] but am unable to do so. Repeatedly form field is giving NOT VALID Message. Here year group is 9_th , Roll Group is 09A-div , Course is 09th-Eng-SL and Class within course is A-div What exactly I should type in the form? All the names here are short names.

Hi ganiger_sir,

The sync feature does a string match to find a common set of characters between the roll group and the course/class. In this case, it looks like they each use a slightly different variation on 9, 09, 9_th. Perhaps try 09 or 9 as your string in the Add Sync option and see if it can pick up on the relationship between courses & roll groups this way.

Good evening,
I’ve got a nearly similar problem as ganiger_sir with the difference that my roll groups and classes have the exact same name, but nevertheless it woun’t sync the classes with the roll groups. Probably i’m making a very stupid mistake, but i don’t see it :blush:
So these are my roll groups:

And these my classes (of one of my courses):

So if i try to map my classes to the roll groups like this:

i get this result:

I’m grateful for every kind of help and if i forgot anything, please ask :slight_smile:

With kind regards,

P.S. Sorry for my poor English …

Hi John,

No apologies required for your English, it is excellent!

Do the courses that contain these classes have a year group set? You can see this by going to Admin > Timetable Admin > Manage Courses and Classes and then editing the course in question.



Hi Ross,

Thank you so much!
The courses weren’t assigned to the Year Group and due to this gibbon was unable to match them. Kind of obvious if you know it :smiley:

Now it works perfectly :slight_smile:

Again thank you!


Hi John,

Brilliant, I am glad it worked. TBH, even though it might seem obvious once you know it, I still had to go and review the source code in order to work this one out!



Hello members,

In regard to the above Question/Title:
After setting up the relevant classes>>> then try “sync now” >>The next window there are check boxes as to who is synced, I try unchecking the class teacher but upon proceeding with the action I get error (but when I include the class teacher in the sync, the sync becomes successful.

error I am getting is :

The URL error is error1 (empty list): courseEnrolment_sync_run.php&gibbonSchoolYearID=025&gibbonYearGroupIDList=003,004,005&return=error1

Is it a must I enroll the class teacher who probably doesn’t teach that subject?

or is there missing information on my end…

Thank you.

I wanted to setup the Sync automatic enrolment and after setting I was doing a sync all to probably enroll the students not enrolled in courses due to student enrolment being done before the auto sync setup.

Hi Kelvin,

I’ve check the script, this error should only occur when there are no users selected to sync. Are you seeing both teachers and students in the sync list before clicking to sync, or just teachers? It sounds like you’re turning the class teacher checkboxes off, after you do that, are any of the checkboxes selected when you submit the form?

Hi Sandra,

I was simply trying to create a subject/class sync for new enrolments.
After mapping the subjects/classes Is it automatically set or am I supposed to sync manually ||||| and during this manual sync the intention was to sync students not enrolled due to being admitted/registered in the system before setting the subject/class sync.

I wanted to sync students only (Though I had enrolled all and later did new registration before sync enroll). Sync all makes class teacher to have subjects that they don’t teach and uncheck them in the process results to the error I just posted above.


Yes, once you have the mapping setup, new enrolments through the Student Application Form and the Student Enrolment page will be automatically synced to their classes. The manual option is handy if the students were added through rollover or importing.

Thank You, I will finish up mapping all subjects/classes and later check the students that I doubt got enrolled before setting up and thereafter expect auto enrollment of any new applications.

Thank you Sandra.

Just repeating a comment. Thanks, @ross. This is a true time-saver! And to think I used to do everything manually by import :s :slight_smile: