Question regarding „Data Updater“

Hi folks,

We haven’t made use of the “Data Updater” functionality so far and I believe we should.

Currently we use a rather unsatisfactory approach. A parent reports a change and then the admin is contacted by staff to make the change using the users module.

We rather wish that a parent reports a change to the school and then staff can do the changes and that these changes are well documented, e.g. who accepted the change and when was it done.

In addition, we would like parents to update their records on a regular basis, e.g. at the beginning of each academic year.

I was also wondering why the address cannot be activated as a required field.

I haven’t really figured out yet, how exactly this module works.

Can you maybe give a quick summary?

Can our requests from above be met?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman,

Data Updater does indeed meet your requests, particularly as of v16, in which Sandra added a Data Updater dashboard, as well as some tools for redirecting parents to update at the start of the year.

Updates can be created by parents, and an admin is then notified so that they can vet the changes and then merge them into the relevant records.

Does this help, or do you require more detail?

In terms of address as a required field, can you tell me more, and perhaps provide a screenshot?