Question regarding „data migration“

Hi folks,

When we were migrating our data to Gibbon 12 about 2 years ago, we were using 3 pre-configured tools, which were making things quite easy for us. Anyway, migration is always a pain, I guess…

Those tools were “Import Families”, “Import Student Enrolment”, and “Import Users”. They did the job quite well and helped migrating our data to Gibbon based on data entered and audited in libreOffice.

The only tool left in Gibbon 17 is “Import User Photos”. The funny thing is, that this is the one tool that we actually never used in migration, because we didn’t have any photos to migrate.

How does data migration work now?

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Hi Roman,

As of v17, we’ve unified all imports (except photos, as you note, and timetables which are coming) under Admin > System Admin > Import From File. This is based on the import tools that @ross built into her very handy Data Admin tool, which she put together for her own school’s migration. This new functionality is far less fiddly than the old approach, is extensible, and supports the automatic creation of temporary files. A huge leap forward. Let us know how you get on with it.



PS, the photo import can save a lot of time!

Hello Admin

I tried out the Import from File. It is a good feature. I especially liked the Format file download.

However, I am having a problem uploading custom fields.

I defined a custom field “Scholarship”.

In Users Custom Data I entered Username and Scholarship under Example1 and 75 in Custom Fields. But it did not work.

I know I am doing something wrong.

Please help.

Hi Afaq, can you please send me an example row from your database (email to if it has confidential data) and I will take a look. Thanks!

In this case, if you’ve edited the .yml file for your own custom imports, it may be handy to share that as well

Thanks for your quick reply.

Actually we have a Scholarship system in the School. It is different values for all students. I wanted to add the amount of scholarship in the student database.

So I added a custom field “Scholarship”.

Now I have a list of Username and scholarship amount in Microsoft Excell. I want to upload these using “DataStructure-usersCustomData” file.
It has fields:
Person Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Custom Fields

Now the “Person” is Username
“Custom Fields” will be “Scholarship”

  1. Where will I enter the scholarship amount?

  2. Also the custom field does not have numeric option?

  3. Can we include scholarship values automatically in student invoices (as deduction)?

Dear Sandra

Need help with this import custom field issue.

Sure. Can you share the DataStructure-usersCustomData.yml file you’re using? I’d be happy to take a look.