Query regarding business model

Hi there,

We are looking for a school management solution and came across Gibbon.

Here are a few queries we are seeking answers:

  1. We are looking
    to deploy a school management system app on one of our customers , who happens to be an institution with around 500 students.
    Is there a premium version that we can buy to deploy for the customer ,we want our logo to be there on the app.

  2. Can we deploy your app on premises?

  3. We want to integrate/deploy one of my web page in the app, that would be available after login, will this be possible?

Hello @Ojasvee,

Question 1
Gibbon is open source software.
You can download and install it.
In the software configuration, you can choose the theme color and integrate your logo.

Question 2
Once the software is downloaded, you can install it on a local server or on a hosted server.

Question 3
Gibbon is Open Source software and you can modify the sources locally to integrate
WEB pages that you have developed.

You must keep a list of changes made in order to redo them during migration
to the next version.

Gibbon : v26.0.00, PHP v8.2.10, MySQL v8.0.36, Ubuntu 23.10.1

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