Pulling student data from external apps (Laravel)

Hello everyone, I want to make a web app using laravel to display student list from my gibbon system.

Is there any way to pull student data to display it in another system like API method or something? Thank you!

Hi mikaeldiok, Gibbon doesn’t have a REST API (yet, there are dreams and plans for that one day, further into our refactoring goals). However, there is a possible workaround using the Meet The Teacher module from the Extend page. This module was created as an API to connect with an external Meet The Teacher application, however it could be used by your custom app as well. The module lets you set an API key and a list of allowed IP addresses, and then accessed through an endpoint of your Gibbon URL + /modules/Meet The Teacher/jsonEndpoint.php through a POST request that supplies the API key as a <code class="CodeInline">apiKey param. The data is formatted in such a way as to be useful for the Meet The Teacher app, but it does contain a full student and teacher list that could be parsed and used by your web app. You could always fork the module and create your own endpoint as needed as well. Hope this helps!