PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

Ross, do we have any provision for PTA.
PTA is nothing but a regular meetings, where few selected parents (whoever want to be part of PTA) meets school teacher on regular basis (may be monthly basis), and exchange the feedback of student (child for parent). They also plan some strategy for their future learning plans (suggesting changes), any general things like changing the transport route for school bus etc… Minutes of meeting is also created for each meeting and circulated on notice board.

Rakesh, at the moment there is no such module. I can see how it would be useful, but for now we have a lot of other priorities to focus on. If you really need this you could look to have a programmer produce the module for you, and I could advise them on how to get started. Ross

Thanks Ross!
I will approach one of my friend to see if he can help me out. If yes, I will reach out to you.
Probably this way, I will be in a position to contribute to this community.

Rakesh, that would be amazing if you can!

Ross, please give me the lee-way to develop a PTA (Parent Teacher Association) module


What kind of functionality do you have in mind for this module?


I would want the module to function as forum post for all members of the PTA to contribute and make inputs for the association to members(those that did not physically attend meetings) to have first hand information on the portal

Diepiriye, at this point, given the resources available to us, I think your best to options for this are to a) build, or pay to have built, a custom module for PTA or b) install and use a forum specifically for this (e.g. Vanilla Forums), outside of Gibbon.

thank you, Admin, I will look at both options, installing the Vanilla forum and try building a custom module…