problem with urls


I have just migrated my gibbon onto a new host and a new domain. I have changed the base path and base URL in system settings and also checked that they are changed in the database.
The problem I have is that on some places, when I click on submit in a form - it changes the URL to omit the gibbon subfolder

example: I am on this page:

When I click submit - it takes me to

so I cannot submit anything on the form and this happens in various places, because it omits the /gib1 after

I have checked in the GibbonSetting table to see if the base path and URL are correct and they are

Base URL :
Base Path: /var/sites/r/

I am still using Gibbon 13.0.01 - as I want to get it all working before upgrading

thanks in advance

just to clarify - wordpress site is in the top folder /public_html/ - so when I click on submit in the gibbon page it takes me to the wordpress site -

Hi Athar1,

Wordpress often places URL redirection code in it’s folder (in this case public_html) that is likely interfering with the Gibbon URLs. Wordpress needs this code to work, so removing it won’t be an option. One way to fix this is to place a snippet of code in the .htaccess file in the public_html folder to tell Wordpress to ignore the Gibbon sub-directory.

If you’re using an Apache server it can be done with the following steps (the steps will likely be different if you’re using a different server setup like nginx)

  • Login to your server via FTP and open the public_html folder (the same folder Wordpress is in)
  • Look for the .htaccess file (its a system hidden file, sometimes a setting needs turned on to see it)
  • Backup a copy of the .htaccess file before changing
  • Edit the file and add the following snippet at the bottom:
  RewriteEngine on
  # stuff to let through (ignore)
  RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} "/gib1/"
  RewriteRule (.*) $1 [L]



Hope this helps!

thanks for that, but i still have the same problem :s

Hmm, looks like I may have been incorrect about the order of the htaccess rules. Try placing the snippet at the very top of the htaccess file before all the other lines.

Otherwise perhaps there’s other URL redirection elsewhere in the server config?

i think the problem may be in writing to the database - as I cannot make any changes anywhere on the system, when I click submit it will do the same thing. I have deleted the database and reimported it - but made no difference

i also have a separate working installation of gibbon on the same domain at:
that was a new install and the one I did first and that is working fine
May that be an issue?

They shouldn’t interfere, but that’s not to say it’s impossible. Each install has a unique guid that’s generated during install and placed in the config.php file, which keeps the session data for each install separate. If you check the config files for each install, are the database names and guids unique?

The return=error0 you’re seeing on the end of the URL is from insufficient permissions, so it appears the changes aren’t making it to the database write step, they’re being redirected back immediately. At this point it may help to try submitting a form, then check your PHP error logs right afterwards to see if there’s any error messages that may shed light on what’s happening.

i don’t know how, but its working now !!! :smiley: