Problem on Staff Dashboard

I have a problem on the Staff Dashboard. When I click on a form, a list of student appears in the bottom part of the dashboard. TH problem is that not all the students of the form appear in that part, and sometimes some students from another part appear in the wrong form. But when I click on “take attendance” then we have the right list of students. This problem only happens on the staff dashboard. Do you have any suggestion on why it’s happening or on what I can do to solve this issue ?

Hi Nick, I haven’t heard of any issues like this. Are you able to share a screenshot to help clarify what you’re seeing? (with any private data concealed). Also, be sure to let us know what version of Gibbon you’re using, and if you have any additional modules installed that hook into the dashboard (such as Free Learning, Info Grid, etc.) Thanks!

Hi Sandra,
I am using the version 22.00 and I send you screenshots from the dashboard, the attendance screens and the modules. If you look at screenshot 01, you will see three names (Martin, Hugo and Clement), but when you go to the attendance screen (screen 2), there is only one student (Martin). At the moment, only Martin is part of that form… Hugo and Clement are part of another form.
In fact, Hugo and clement are part of a form that I looked before going to Martin’s Form. The name of Hugo and clement stayed on the page and were added to Martin’s form… so that on the dashboard, there are three names instead of one. The two other names are coming from the form I was viewing before… a bit like if the screen wasn’t refreshed… but when i go to the attendance page, everything is fine and the groups are correct… the problem is only on the staff dashboard page.

I don’t really know I am clear in my explanation.

I hope my explanation and the screenshots will help you.

Has someone got a solution?

Hi nbernier,

Thanks for sharing your screenshots, it helps illustrate the problem you’re seeing. In this case, it doesn’t look like a bug in the system, but rather the unusual way you’ve setup your form groups. I can see in your screenshot here that a staff member has way more form groups than normal (which is one), and perhaps you’ve setup form groups which should actually be courses in the system.

The term Form Group is often called Roll Group or Homeroom, and relates to a single grouping of students that a teacher oversees in a pastoral sense. Students can only have one Form Group. Courses on the other hand are the subject matter that students take, and students can be in multiple courses, and teachers can teach multiple courses. It looks like things like “ME1400” should be Courses & Classes, rather than Form Groups. Check out the docs for more info:

Hope this helps!

I will have a look… thank you very much

Hello Sandra,
In fact, our students only have one lesson per week with us… that’s why I created from groups… as they are in one group once a week with no other lessons… Is it right to set up form groups in that case? All the students are my students that’s why they are all linked to me… Do you have any suggestions for me to have the right setting?

Hi Nick, it may still cause knock-on effects to use Form Groups outside how they’re intended, in this case it may be best to create one Form Group, with you as the Tutor, and then use Courses and Classes for grouping your lessons. This will also give you access to use the Markbook, Planner, etc with those classes.

Thank you Sandra