Problem on installing Modules

Hello to the forum!
I get an error in manage modules area when I try to install modules or themes. I see an “Module Error”.
Obviously, I have followed all the tips suggested in guide to installation.
Seems not working.
Regards and keep working on Gibbon.
Cheers from Italy - Rome

P.S.: forgot to mention my system: xampp latest ver., in windows 7, php.ini properly configured .

David, the main cause of this issue is that the module’s folder name needs to be changed to match the name of the module, as it is shown in manifest.php. I have improved the error message for v9.1 so that it is more informative. Does this solve your issue? Ross

Hello Ross
Thank you for your support. It worked. Renaming the folder’s module name to match the manifest.php resolved the issue.
Take care.


Excellent! Please keep posting your questions here, and we will help as much as we can.