Private message from daniel

Hello Mr George, I posted a problem on July 3 and up till today, I haven’t heard any response from Mr Ross or any other person. I noticed you implied that Mr Ross is probably away for a while, and you were acting on his behalf. Then I decided to contact you directly. Please, help me find a solution to the problem. Thanks.

I have presenting the problem to you below:

I want to extend Gibbon. I want to add report card/sheet, transcripts, and many more. I tried using the starter module to do this but found out that performing the extension requires more than just configuring the manifest file. There is the
js/module.js and even
index.php and
css/module.css files.
All of these files need to be appropriately coded according to the pattern that you used when writing the core or the other modules. I checked the codes in the different modules that came with the core and the additional ones that you provided and I observed that for a code to appropriately work with Gibbon, it must follow a predefined pattern that you specify.

I have some pieces of php codes I want to add that will perform certain functions. Those codes work on blank php files. But I don’t know how they will ever correctly fit into the Gibbon environment. I will be glad if you can provide a “code template” showing how a sample module performing certain task(s) was written to fit the Gibbon environment. Let’s take student transcripts as example or if drawing the architecture of a new task will take too much of your time, then use one of the tasks in the core or additional modules as example.

Also, going back to the core modules/functions, I’m wondering if “resources” and “library” are different from each other. Can’t they be made into one and named library so that people can use library materials? I want to have a central library whose materials can be managed and accessed right on the Gibbon application.

Moreover, I tried creating a “HTML resource”; the system did not proceed even though I filled all fields. How do I move forward from here? I also created a sample “file resource”. I want to remove it but I did not see any button or link for it. How do I proceed from here?

I will be very glad if you provide me with the answer to my request. Thank you in advance.