Privacy and Agreement statements

How are you?

When you use Privacy and Agreement statements in your custom registration Form, how does this work?
You just fill the description text field in the Privacy and Agreement headers and mark the agreement checkbox as mandatory, and that’s it? (like if marking the agreement checkbox expresses that you agree with the text in the header?)

If it is so, are these fields saved in the database in a related way? As this is the only proof of agreement, and this is not a minor issue, in the future this might be the only proof of the student’s agreement to the school conditions.

Also, Privacy Statement is a subheading and Agreement is a heading. Is this the way it is supposed to be?
They look different in the form display.

Thank you !!!

Hi Ricardo,

Privacy options are saved in student details, which can be looked up in Student Profile, as well as updated by parents through the Data Updater. Privacy options will also determine if the student has a red P flag above their photo in their student alerts.

Agreements on the application form on the other hand are a one-time checkbox and are required to submit the form, so there is no data saved, because the existence of the form is a sign that the agreement was accepted. This is like many forms online where you agree to the “terms and conditions” before submitting the form.

The headings and subheadings are based on the defaults from the original application form. If you’re using the Form Builder, you can add or change the headings as needed based on how you’ve designed your form.

Hi Sandra,
Thank you very much for the answer!
It is exactly what I needed to define how to work with these two items, which are of particular contractual importance.
I’ll check the headings for the Privacy options based on what you said to see if I can put them at the same level as the Agreement ones.
Thank you!!!