Printing Provision in Application Form

is there a way to add a Print button in the students Application form with Formatting? does the gibbon module/library has Print function that i can use in my module?


Hi Francis, in general, one of Gibbon’s design aims is to reduce reliance on printing, but we do understand that sometimes printing is useful. Application forms can be printed, as shown below.

Does this help?



Hi Ross,
Thank you so much for the reply.
i agree that we move to digital to reduce the reliance on the printing. However there are some cases, we need to print.
I asked about the printing provision mainly for my custom module. i am developing a module called “Transfer Certificate(TC)”. The TC will be given to a student when they leave the school, which will be print-out copy with the school head’s signature. i took a copy of your Alumni module and updated with the required fields for the TC. i want this print functionality there with some customization like adding school’s logo and address at the top TC. how can i do this? can i use this or how can i use fpdf ( in my module?

Apart, i have an issue with custom module. when i click “submit” it is throwing an error" Your request failed due to a database error.". However, if i execute the “insert” command in mysql console, it added record successfully and i can see it in the web page. What would be the issue here? please help


Hi Francis,

Gibbon uses TCPDF for outputting to PDF, which allows reliable printing for transcripts. This is something that the Gibbon core lacks, but we are looking into adding (no timeline yet though!). Sounds a lot like your TC module. I’d suggest that you look at our Free Learning module, which exports units to PDF using TCPDF. This might give you some clues.

For your error issue, the best place is to try and locate exactly where the error is being produced from, and then have the more detailed error passed into the PHP error log. This will save a lot of guesswork.



Thanks. i will take a look learning module

i resolved my issues custom module, it was a typo in one of the column/field. Now i am able to add and edit a record from Web interface. Now i am working on the print functionality. Thanks for the help

Hi Francis, great news : ) Hopefully this is a module you’d be happy to share with others in due course. Cheers. Ross.