Printing Lesson Plans

I’m searching for a way to conveniently print out a week’s lesson plan. Our school keeps hard copies of each teacher’s weekly lesson plans so that, in a pinch, a copy can be grabbed and a sub can hop in without missing a beat.

I’ve played with the Smart blocks and Units and whatnot, and I’ve gotten close to what I’m looking for. However, there is no export option for the lesson plans. Is this something that can be done easily, or something I can do myself somehow?

Gibbon is generally aimed to help reduce the need for printing, which is why there aren’t many options to print things around the system. Any teacher or staff member can lookup the lesson plan for any class, so ideally a sub would be able to access the content online.

If you do need to print it, there is a workaround that may help: if you look at the URL for your lesson plan, you can change the index.php?q=/ to <code class="CodeInline">report.php?q=/ and this will render the page with the printable report template.

If you’re looking to add this to the interface yourself, you may be able to add this as a button to your lesson plan page. The script you’d need to edit is modules/Planner/planner_view_full.php. It’s a bit of a daunting script, but if you ctrl-F for the word linkTop`, this will help you find the areas that add links to the page.