Printable Attendance Sheet

Dear Admin/Sandra,

  There is option in activities-->Printable attendance sheet . 

When we click on it , We can select activity and no of columns .But we can select / enter maximum of 20 . it only prints from date 1 to 20 .

It should be 31 so that we can print register for whole month .

Please guide me how we can achieve this?

Best regards,


This action is for printing activity attendance, rather than class attendance (which Gibbon does not offer print outs for). Is this what you are looking for?



Yes I want activity attendance for 1 to 31 date.

In which case it might just be easier to print two sheets, the first with 20, the second with 11, and print them back-to-back. Would that work?

Yes It is feasible but again dates would be 1 to 11 not 21 to 31. Is there any other solution that we might print from 1 to 31.

It looks like the limit of 20 columns is based on the width of the page. In this case, I think the number represents the activity session (eg: first session, second session, etc). The date of the activity can be written in the space below the number. Hope this helps!