Principal verify the planner


I want to know, is there any way or method for principal/admin to check and verify the lesson plan that teacher has made? As my school, we must give our lesson plan to check and verify by our principal at the end of every week.

Thanks in advance, sir. ?

Hi syazwan,

Users with the Lesson Planner_viewEditAllClasses permission could open the Year Overview for a class in the Planner module, if they’d like to check per-teacher. If they’d like to generate a report, the Query Builder module may help here. There aren’t any pre-buit queries for this task, but with some SQL knowledge it’d be possible to write a query that either counts or lists the lesson plans per teacher.

Hi @syazwan, if you are interested in purchasing a Query Builder license, we could look to produce a custom query for you. The only issue would be reading the HTML formatting within a spreadsheet. Ross.

Thanks @ross for explanation. I still try to figure about what u suggest as i am no programmer. Just a teacher with a little bit technical knowledge.

For @admin , we just a government’s school that get a tiny budget and the cost of server hosting is all on me. I would like to buy that query license to support this but right now its just enough to feed my family. Is there any other way that we can accomplish to get report that teacher has make their planner for each weak. Might wait this month salary if the only way is to generate by using query builder.

Thanks for the response. Glad found very supportive admin and forum’s member on this awesome system.

Hi @syazwan we’d be happy to give you a free Query Builder license. You could then play around with the queries, and see if you can build, from what you find there, the query you want. If not, we can lend a hand.

Simply completed the form, and then press Cancel on the bottom of the PayPal payment page. I’ll then make sure that we keep it active, even if there is no payment.

Good luck achieving what you want…and please use your salary to look after yourself and your family.

Where are you located? I have a rack server looking for a good home, so perhaps we can get it to you? It is old, but very, very stable and very powerful.



Thank you so much mr @admin !!! ??? I have submit the form.
From the moment i try setup this system, there is a lot i learn. I can see by using this system will make me and my friend might focus more on student and the teaching process. Before this, we write our lesson plan in book and we must send it to our principal for verifying process weekly.
And I am from Malaysia, sir. Would be happy if i can get the server for my school. As i know to buy the server will cost fortune.

Once again, thank you so much, sir.
P/s: maybe after this there will be more question from me about this system that i dont understand. I will try my best to read each of section in documentation before asking. ?

Hi @syazwan, I’m glad you got the license. I can see your license in the system, and it will remain valid for 12 months.

In terms of the server, I’ve asked around if anyone I know is travellng to Malaysia in the coming weeks. If they are, we’ll see if they can bring it to you. Where about in Malaysia? I might only be able to get it as far as KL, if at all. Let’s see!

Keep the questions coming, we are happy to help. Good luck!


Hi @admin . Thank you so much for your kindness, sir. ??? . in the future, i like to contribute more in this if i get a good work and job place. ( In term of money and help).

But why in my site still show like this? Should i wait about 2 or 3 days to get an activation or should i reset the system cache, sir?

As my school, we in Pasir Gudang, states of Johor. The capital you mention, Kuala Lumpur is main capital of country, so that’s why you know about it. ?.

As to generate the report, its use SQL command, right? Cause in a meantime, i will try to learn about this. As to get a view of how it works in general.

Thanks for responding this thread.


Hi Syazwan,

The query should now be working. One thing it checks is the absolute URL of your Gibbon installed: have you changed the URL since registering? I notice that you used an IP address to register…perhaps you’ve switched to a domain name?

In terms of shipping, I see that Pasir Gudang is much closer to Singapore than KL. If I could get the server to Singapore, would that be better?

The queries do use SQL, yes. You can use the stock of libraries (once your license starts working!) to learn more about how to get different kinds of data from Gibbon.



Hi @admin .

Regarding the address, its http://xx.xx.xx.33/core-18.0.0 and i still don’t switch to domain name yet, sir. Should i add index.php too, sir??

Regarding Singapore, yes it’s much closer than KL and more easier to send it through Singapore, sir. As Johor at south of Malaysia. ?

Thanks for responding, sir.

Hi mr @admin . I just look at value added service under system settings. Should i fill the information under GIBBONEDU.COM VALUE ADDED SERVICES section ?.


Hi syazwan,

Yes, in the “ Value Added Services” section in System Settings you need to enter the Organisation Name you used when registering for a license, as well as enter the Organisation Key you should have received back after receiving your license. Once these two details are entered, you should hopefully see the Query Builder license check is working.

Hi @ross . Oh, now i see. But i didn’t receive an organisation key in my inbox mail, neither in the spam.

Thanks for responding, ms.


Ah, @syazwan I wonder what has gone wrong with our email system. I’ll look into it tomorrow, and then get back to you. In the meantime, can you share your email address, and I’ll send them over to you. Sorry for the issues…normally it is smoother. Ross.

Hi @admin . Ouh. Sorry if i trouble u, sir. My email is . Thanks for responding, sir.

Hi @admin .i got the email already. And it works great. Gotta try to learn and dig deeper on SQL command.

Thanks to you and all members for very fast responds and much supportive on this.