PO file available?

New to Gibbon. :smile:
I know how much work translations mean and I think we are good with the current English one.
However, is there a PO file available or that is perhaps kept to the translations team?


Hi Patrik,

Welcome to the Gibbon community! I think as of v13 the PO files were removed to help reduce the download filesize , however they can be found on the development branch in the i18n folder: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/tree/v14.0.00/i18n

Gibbon translation is certainly a community effort, if you’re interested in helping out be sure to contact support@gibbonedu.org. I believe they’re using the online PoEditor tool to manage translations.

Give a shout with any questions :smiley:

Ah, there it is! :slight_smile:
Thanks Sandra, most kind o you!
I will have a look!!!


Patrik, we do our translations via POEditor (https://poeditor.com) in order to be able to work effectively in collaboration. Let me know if you want access to any of the teams and I will add you in. This also comes with being added to the translators mailing list, so that you get notifications of upcoming string freezes and release deadlines. Thanks, Ross.

Hi Admin,
How can we find the project in poeditor?