Please help Start

Hi, i tryed to configure, and retried, and i installed 3 times, and reinstalled with demo on one site to look and copy as my needs… but i cannot, make it work like i want.

Here i am asking for your help.

The situation is this:

We have a private school.
The teaching days are thursday and sunday.

A kid can be enrolled into a class. This class is evey thursday, or every sunday, depending on classes.
The classes are: “Robotics” and “3D Design”

a kid comes for times a month, after 4 times attendance, we issue invoice 15Euro (also we would like to have this in Romanian Leu).

Each class has one teacher and one assistant.

Sometimes, when a kid is not present on his day, he can come to the next group to take atendance there and recuperate the missing day.

How to configure this?
It drive’s me crazy.

Thank you for assistance!

Hi George, nice to hear from you and welcome to the Gibbon community. You’ve got a lot of questions built into this post, and I am not sure what you do and don’t know already. Please can I ask you to start by reading this guide, and then ask specific questions one at a time, such as “how can we add a user” or “we’ve added a user, but how can we make them into a student?”. This makes it much easier for us to help you.



Hi, i have read the guide, but after install, it jumps right into the problem.

Let me ask this:
Case 1.
I have 8 students that attend our school once a week on thursday (group a), and a group of 6 students that attend our school once a week on saturday (group b).

Group a attends Robotics Class
Broup b attends Design 3D classes

The length of classes are 80 minutes per session and take for 6 months or 24 meetings.

We have a lab and a classroom

The invoicing is once every 4 classes.

How to setup the school to behave this way please?

Hi George,

Let’s take it step by step, as there are many ways to do this.

As a basic means of grouping, you can split your students into two groups using Form Groups (or Roll Groups in US English) or Classes. Each approach has different implications, but an important one is that a student can be in only one form group, but can be in many classes. Which of these do you think fits your needs best?



I would like to have esch student to be able to take more than one class, not neccesary, only those enrolled in those classes.

Can you please help me start?
Can i give you credentials?
I tryed to make configuration, but i failed!

Please help!

Hi George, we are happy to be provided with credentials, but this exceeds what we offer via our community support. If you’d like us to work on your site directly, I suggest you email us on and we can offer you a quote for Expert Support.

In the meantime, it sounds like you want to set up some Form Groups under Admin > School Admin > Manage Form Groups. You can set up only one, if you don’t need a fundamental division of your students.

Then, head to Admin > Timetable Admin > Manage Courses and Classes. Add Robotics and 3D Design as separate courses, and then add classes within them (you can have a single class that you reuse, or perhaps a class for date of intake (e.g. Robotics.0720 for July 2020).

Hope this helps!


So, i have 3 groups. Each group on it’s timetable.
Should i form 3 sepparate groups?
The lessons i give saturday, i also give thursday to the secondth robotics group.
Sometimes, they come from one group to another to recuperate if they were missing or if they know the are going to miss a lesson.

In program should i also form 3 groups?
Thank you!

Also, please tell me how to structure my year, and what to do with monthly invoices.
Is there a way to count the attendance, and after 4 times attendance to have an invoice?
Thank you so much!

Given this information, I would create a single Form/Roll Group called Students, and use this to enrol all students. This ensures that the are visible within the system. I would then use Timetable Admin as described above, to create the courses and classes to store the information on which students attend on which days.

In terms of structuring your year, you’ll have to provide us with more information.

At the moment there is no way to tie attendance to invoicing.


And Classes i would call them Robotics - Wednesday?
Or Design 3D - Friday?

And Enroll the students only in Robotics Wednesday Class?
And the others in Design 3D - Friday?

I think I would call the course Robotics, and then have a Wednesday class within it, and likewise with a course called Design 3D with a class called Friday. And then, yes, enrol the students into them.

But i have a group of kids that come thursday, and ano ther group that comes saturday.
They both learn robotics, but the groups do not mix.
The matterial we teach caturday, we repeat thursday.

That is fine, you have a course called Robotics, and it has two classes, Thursday and Saturday. The materials used with one group can be duplicated to be used with the other.

I have a course called robotics, but the attendance from thursday is different from saturday.
Is ok like this?

Yes, if the course has two separate classes, with different students in each, then the attendance for each class will show different students.

Perfect. On monday i will resetup my gibbon info’s
Thank you!

About invoicing.
How to keep track please?
I need to invoice every 4 attendance

Good luck! In order to keep the forum usable, please post your invoicing question, in full, as a new thread. We’ll then respond to it there. Thanks!