Planner Rollover question.

Hi team, firstly, love Gibbon and the work you have put in. I would like to know how I could (easily), move my unit/lesson planners over to the new academic year. I have searched the forums, but coming up blank.

Basically, I started adding units, lessons and smart blocks, now the end of the academic year has come, I did a rollover on our system, but cannot find a way to roll over the planners for myself and other teachers.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, with further digging, I seem to have figured it out. I am right, that one should duplicate the unit planner to the new academic year for each subject?


Hi Celliers, you are most welcome, and likewise thanks for your kind words. There is no global Planner rollover, mostly because it encourages cruft to gather in the form of abandoned units. And so you are right, the approach is the copy units over per course (e.g. subject). There is a bulk selector for doing this:

This is much quicker than doing each unit manually using the copy icon!