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Hi Team,

Is there a way by which the Parents can access only their own children’s Planner. At present when they click the Learn>Planner, they can choose any class and view all its planners.

If I uncheck any of the highlighted permission (Lesson Planner_viewAllEditMyClasses) then the parent can’t view even their own children’s Planner.

Pls help. TIA

Hi flygye12,

This is odd, as parents should probably never be given the highlighted permissions! It is one of the oldest actions in Gibbon, and so predates certain controls. @ross what do you think, one we should fix, or have I missed something.

However, parent access should work just with Lesson Planner_viewMyChildrensClasses enabled. I’ve tested this in the dev cut of v20 (which should work the same as v18 and 19), and it works fine.

Can you provide a screenshot of what your parent sees?

Keep in mind that in each individual lesson you can say whether students and parents have access to that lesson, so check that too.

Good luck!


@admin Yep, couldn’t hurt to fix this one, I’ve made a note to fix this for v20.

I am sooooooooo sorry for the late reply. Things have been crazy with the online classes and all. So I have made two test students in Grade 8 and 9 with a Test family and father etc.
When I login as Father, I am able to see planner for Grade 1 as well. Pls see below:

It won’t let me upload screenshots :confused:

I can see the screenshots, so that seems to be working fine.

Is the problem still not fixed for you, or do the screenshots show it working as you hoped?

@admin Its not working as reqd. This “Test” parent should not be able to access Grade 1 lessons as his kids are in Grade 8 and 9.

(The screenshot comment was for this forum, I still can’t ‘edit and delete’ it :stuck_out_tongue: )

And just to confirm, did you end up removing the Lesson Planner_viewAllEditMyClasses permission for parents?

Hi Ross ! No I did not remove it because, doing so removes even their own children’s classes. <img src=“” alt=“”

If you untick Lesson Planner_viewAllEditMyClasses and <code class="CodeInline">Lesson Planner_viewMyClasses, and leave Lesson Planner_viewAllEditMyChildrensClasses` ticked this should enable the expected behaviour of parents only seeing their children’s classes. The other permissions are intended for teachers and students.

That did it ! I feel so stupid :#

Glad to hear it’s working! No worries, as Ross mentioned, normally the system would automatically disable the other checkboxes, but this is a particularly venerable set of code that hadn’t implemented that safety measure yet. We’ll see about getting this fixed for future versions : )

This one has actually been fixed in v20:

Planner: removed ability for students and parents to be granted Lesson Planner_viewAllEditMyClasses 60bdb9021 Ross Parker 27 May 2020 at 8:34 PM

For once, I am one step ahead : )

Hi Ross,
Amazing, always proactive in thinking.
Please am also affected by this topic, parents with more than one child can not sign to Gibbon to access their children works, what are we getting wrong for parents to login?

Any help will be appreciated

Best regards Life builder

Hi Francis, as this is a new topic, please can you post as a new thread, and we’ll respond there? Thanks!