Picture Uploads Failing

I tried uploading students images via the individual user admin interface, but it doesn’t get uploaded. Whats the problem please…


Two possibilities come to mind. One is that the images are not the right size (75 x 100 px for small or 240 x 320 px for medium), and so are being rejected. The other is that you have not created the /uploads folder, or it is not writable (avoid chmod 777 as a quick fix: https://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_File_Permissions).

Can you upload non-images, such as a file resource in the Resources module? If so, then the issue is most likely image sizes. If not, then it is most likely /uploads.

Let me know how you get on.


The uploads folder exists and it is writable (755). The problem might be with the size though. Am i the only one that thinks the file size is too rigid (75 x 100 / 240 x 320)?

I’ve resized the pictures and done everything required but when i upload, the images still don’t get uploaded to /uploads. Pls help.


Sorry if this is stating something you already know, but 755 is not necessarily world writable: it depends on who the owner is. The 7 in the mode means the owner can read, write and execute. The 5 and 5 mean that the group and world can read and execute but not write. If you are on a Unix-based system, you can set the owner of the files to be the owner of the web server process (e.g. www-data on Ubuntu), and that will allow writing. Let me know if this helps, or if you have done this.

In terms of the image sizes, this harks back to the old days, when browsers were terrible at resizing images. How about for v11, I seek to have just one image size, save 240/320 or larger, with proportions within 10% of that ratio? If you are happy with this idea I can put it in the dev notes for v11.



Your thoughts for V11 sound great. I look forward to it.

I changed the permissions to 775 and things still d pictures won’t upload. Is there something i’m missing?

Seems everything i upload from the front end doesnt get saved. Like files in the resources, images on profiles, even editing profiles don’t get saved. Pls help. There may be major permission issues here that i’m missing!

Sorry to bother u so much Ross, i found where my mistake was. I misspelt a directory under Admin>System Admin>Base Path. Thanks for enduring my rants. :slight_smile:

Steve, glad you got it sorted! You did not seem to be ranting…just trying to solve your problem ; ) The path should be set automatically in the installer. Was it set wrong, or did you move your instance after installation? Just curious as to how you ended up with the wrong path.

I have lined up the changes discussed above for v11. This will most likely not be released until late 2015 or early 2016, but if you are on the mailing list (https://gibbonedu.org.support), you will get a release notification for v10, and this will tell you where the dev code for v11 will be hosted, so you can track and test the feature when it lands in the code base. If you have time time!

Steve, just to let you know, the new image details we discussed have been coded up and are now in the v11 dev branch, under the following commit:


v11 is due for release on January 20th 2016, so if you upgrade a production site after then you will see the new changes, or you could test the dev code in a non-production install now.

Thanks for your input!