Pick up marks from Markbooks ( Avg)

Hi team,
I am again back just started using the reports module. I tried it earlier but had problems and left it out. I have a few queries

  1. Is there any way the marks from the reports can be obtained from the marks cards for the students.
  2. If we have to manually enter the marks how can I make a rule that only the subject subject teacher can enter his/her students class marks and not any other teacher.
  3. I have created form groups and each group has its own teacher based on the subject. But when subject teacher tries to enter marks access/reports/write reports I get a message ( This report is read-only. You do not have access to make changes.) only when I log In as a class teacher and administrator has privileges to enter marks.
  4. Is there any way the reports and its values can be inherited from an excel file. Like if I need to add graphs etc.

I believe its these are to do with the scopes but I created the required scopes but still finding it confusing.


Hi Paschal,

  1. There is currently no automated way to transfer marks from the markbook to the reports. It is however on my to-do list for v20.
  2. Yep, this is the default behavour. When setting up reports, the Course scope will restrict the report editing to that teacher as long as they have the Write Reports_mine permission. The Write Reports_editAll permission can be given to administrators so they can see and edit anything.
  3. Best to check the permissions in User Admin > Manage Permissions, as well as the access level for that report in Reports > Manage Access. Also, when you use the term "subject" are you referring to courses and classes (the Course scope), or form groups (the Form Group scope).
  4. Report data cannot be pulled in from an excel file, but it can be pulled from database tables. Graphs are tricky however, as the Reports module isn't necessarily a data visualization tool, but primarily aimed at report cards and transcripts.

Hi Sandra,
Thanks for the reply. Point 3 is form groups.
The way I set it up is like 5a, 5b, 5c are form groups. Each of these form groups are enrolled into a class with a different teacher for each class ( math, science, English) which i got set up by manage course and classes. Now these teachers for the particular class cannot access the reports to enter the marks.


Sounds like you’re using courses & classes for your subjects (Math, Science, English). In this case, be sure to setup a Course scope and add the reporting criteria you’d like to that scope. Then, assign access to your teacher role to that scope through Manage Access. To access the report, teachers need general permissions (in User Admin > Manage Permissions) as well as specific access to the report in Reports > Manage Access). Be sure the role, scope, and start/end dates for the access are set.

Dear Sandra,
I really appreciate your efforts released Gibbon and When I tried to create report templates there is no style sheet in the drop down box and templates which are available in the documentation in the Add Section (core and Additional) is not available , how can I get the templates and generate my report

Hi endale, thanks! :smiley: Be sure to visit the Template Builder > Manage Assets page and run Scan Assets at least once to populate your templates.

Hi endale, if you go to Assess > Reports > Template Builder, and then use the Manage Assets link, you can click on the Scan Assets Directory. This should give you the elements to use in the template builder:

This part of the system is covered in our documentation: https://docs.gibbonedu.org/administrators/reports/templates/

Let us know how it goes.


Thank you for immediate response, you mean that I should prepare and upload the template before I use it

Yes, the templates are made out of sections, there aren’t any pre-made templates in the system. Once you scan your assets to load the available sections, you’ll find you can make a template by dragging and dropping a section into the head, body, or footer. From there, you can edit and configure the different options that each section offers.

Thank you very much Sandra for your response, transfer marks to report is difficult or you don’t have such report in your school / time taking tasks let me know the complexity of this task, if it is not difficult tell me the simplest approach to develop this part and generate the following report card in our school

Thank you very much Sandra!!

Hi endale,
This type of reports could be generated .
I will guide you through. Can you share your email.

Best regards,

Hi Ghulam, thank you for your generous offer of help :smiley: If you’re able to offer support through the forums rather than email (as long as there is no private data that needs shared) then this can help create information for other users to find and follow if they’re looking for a similar solution.


Thanks Sandra,

For your kindness and support. I just wanted to clarify some things . And I will be right back in forum post the solution .

Best regards,
Ghulam Abbas

Hi Ghulam,

Were you able to find a solution for the sample form of reports shared by endale?

If yes, can you please post the steps here.
Thanks in advance

Best regards,

Hi Kiran,

Yes I figured out some resembling report but for this there is a need to understand your scenario and then jump into coding. As you will need to edit templates by going through PHP codes. So, The scenario is different for every school therefore there is no General Solution therefore I need to clarify these before I could have some solution.

Ghulam Abbas