PHP Extension Zip file location help

I noticed that after my install the system check has an X in the PHP “Extension Zip” is not Installed…Which folder those the extension zip goes to?

Hi Didier,

I should have answered these in the reverse order, looks like you’re one step ahead on the troubleshooting. PHP extensions can be installed on the server if you have root access, and depends on the type of server you’re running. For Ubuntu + Apache/Nginx, which is a common combination, here’s some info about the commands to run: (for PHP7 it’s a similar command, sudo apt-get install php7.0-zip` )

Are there any other Xs in your system check?

Sandra, not sure what type of server frankly. I have purchase a domain and have my website host set it up for me to unsure that our data he completely protected once I move from old platform to Gibbon…As I said in my other message, I use FTP/FileZilla and connect to CP which my friend Michael (webhost) set up for me. He did all the Post-Install and Server Config for me as he knows that I am limited in expertise :):slight_smile:
What I can do he copying what you suggest to do and let him help me to make sure I don’t create a bigger mess…
Will let you know if he got through…

Sandra, Forgot to answer last bit of question. Besides the PHP “File Extension Zip” all the other section of my system check was check green…

Sandra, my webhost is looking into adding the PHP extention file Zip since I do not have control of the site root.
My server type is on an Apache server (v2.4.35) running cloud Linux on a quad-core Intel Xeon processor.
Because he does not know your software he will add the Zip file and he hopes that will fix the problem…me too…will keep you posted on his progress…probably wont have time to deal with it before end of the week…Cheers, Didier