Phone Number Formatting?

Is there a way to format the phone number as it appears in the profile and reports?

We are in the US and we typically use the +1 (123) 123-1234 format, but it is coming out as +1 123 - 12 12 123 and this is very confusing to look at. We have the language set as US english.

Also, is there a way to set a default Country Code for all phone numbers? The US number is buried.

Hi Dustin, it does look like the 10 digit phone format is a bit odd, given how it’s used in north america, so I’ve updated the phone format in a commit here. I’ve also updated the phone list to always display the current country at the top of the list in a commit here. If you’d like to use these changes before they’re released in v23, you can apply the code changes to the indicated files in your system.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Sandra, for the formatting change. This really makes the Gibbon installations in the U.S. look much better. I noticed that the phone numbers in the School Admin → Manage Facilities still displays the phone numbers without this formatting update, which is a less important issue. Thanks, again!

@hmerrett the unformatted number that Glenn points out would be a great one for you to look at when you have a moment. Thanks : )

Hi, Glenn! I’ve just finished up a fix to this issue. It is now in a pull request awaiting approval, which you can find here.

If all goes to plan, this fix should be released with version 23 of Gibbon, which will be released on January 20, 2022.

Thank you very much for the fix. I just applied it and it appears to work beautifully! I am also thankful and overwhelmed at the rapid repair time,

I am not sure what country you live in, so your phone number format might vary if you do not live in the United States. Typically, it has an optional 1 before an area code and number like (234) 567-8901 in the U.S. Does this help?
– Glenn

Hi Glenn, it seems to me that JesseHiserp is not a genuine Gibbon community member, and so I’ve blocked their account and removed their content. Thanks for trying to help them : )