Philippine Schools using Gibbon?

Hi, I would like to get feedback and advice from schools in the Philippines who are currently using Gibbon as their SIS. What are the steps in implementing Gibbon to your school and the challenges that you have faced?

Vicente, welcome to the Gibbon community. I know there are a couple of schools in the Philippines that have installed Gibbon for testing, but not sure if there are any in production. You could be the first! I can provide general insight into the adoption process…but hopefully someone might contact you via this post with Philippines specific information. I am always looking for an excuse to visit your lovely country…so, if you do get up and running, let me know!

Hi Admin/Ross,

I’m quite excited and scared on this challenge. Any insight from you is really needed. We have become frustrated with our paid SIS. Customization and support has been expensive and the way they resolve things are not being disclosed to us for proper documentation.

Among the three open source SIS we found, your system closely resembles our operations as we are also an IB accredited school. Localization is needed to match house, course, and activities to year/section, subject, clubs, etc. Customization on reports and minor tweaks will surely be done when we decide to use your system.

Support is also an issue for us as we run a very small it department of 4 people. We also need to brush up on the PHP for tweaks and MYSQL so we can make use of your query builder to churn out data for reports not found on your system, like transcripts of records.

The bottom line is we will immerse ourselves with your system and try to make the most of it to fit our needs and slowly develop customizations and plugins to suit our needs. Hoping we get much of the support from your support forums as well.

All the best . . . . .

Welcome to the community! Our school made the switch to Gibbon this year too and we’ve been quite happy to ditch our old proprietary SIS. I cant offer any Philippines-specific help, but if you’re planning to migrate data from your old SIS be sure to check out the Data Admin module: It can help cut down a lot of the setup time by importing various kinds of CSV files. If you try it out and have any questions just give a shout.

Vincent, sounds exciting! I am happy to give you some support and input, and the best way might be via a Skype chat. If you are interested, email me your Skype username on, and we can connect there. It would be pretty time consuming to type it all out, and go back and forward with questions!