Hello, every-time I update user permissions, I have to empty the Permission table to revert the changes as the permissions somehow deactivate

Hi you will need to set php’s max_input_vars to 5000 in php.ini. if this is not set the permissions will not update.

The Page views fully, when I hit “submit” am denied access to admin features

Have you set max_input_vars to 5000 already? The default value for PHP is to low the form will look like it has submitted but will not write anything to the database because the data is truncated.
max_execution_time = 60000;
; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions
date.timezone = Africa/Nairobi

I even increased to a larger value, initially I had it set to 5000

Hummmm. Bit stumped by that. What version are you running?

Sorry Gibbon version?


Sorry I am on version 9 I will have to set up a test environment of version 10 when I get back to work in 9 hours time. Do you use Chrome? Under the view menu is an item called developer under that is developer tools. In the network tab you should be able to see the requests a page is making and if any of them fail.

I am unable to replicate the problem in version 10. Are you sure max_input_vars is set correctly? could you try removing the semi colon at the end of the line? I am not sure if this will make a difference but might be worth trying.
max_execution_time = 60000
; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions
date.timezone = Africa/Nairobi

very simple, go to to *index.php?q=/modules/User%20Admin/permission_manage.php modify the permissions and hit submit

Hi have done that on my own test install. The permissions update with no problems for me. “Your request was completed successfully.” I think there may be a problem with your php.ini file. Do you have teamviewer if you have I can remote to your machine and t

try to help you resolve the problem.

Yes I have it: Do you want access to the php.ini?

James, this is very odd, as I cannot replicate it on my end either. After you press Submit, do you get back to the Permissions page, or does it hang on the process.php page? If you get back to the Permissions page, do you get a message of either success or failure?

I get a message of failure “You do not have access to this” but prior to updating the user permissions, I had admin access.


OK, can you open the file /modules/User Admin/permission_manageProcess.php in a text editor, and go to line 80. Press Return/Enter to make a new line. Paste in the following code into the new empty line, and then try and Submit permissions again.

print $e->getMessage() ; exit() ;

Hopefully you will get an error message on screen, which you can post here. Seems like all of the permissions are being deleted as intended, but for some reason, the new ones are not getting saved.



“You do not have access to this action.”

is it okay for me to give you the site and you see what’s happening?