PayPal API setup

Hello, everyone,

I am new to PayPal and Gibbon. When I tried to fill in the API information in Gibbon for PayPal, I am having trouble to understand which information going to where.

There are three fields in Gibbon: PayPal API Username, Password, Signature. However, in PayPal “My apps & credentials”, under “REST API apps”, there are only these three information: “Account”, “Client ID” and “Secret”. Do I assume that “Username” maps to “Account”, “Password” maps to “Client ID” and “Signature” maps to “Secret”? Or there is different mapping? Or I was looking in the wrong place in PayPal?

Thank you in advance.


I have found the credentials I need – instead of looking under “My apps & credentials” as PayPal suggested, I went to “Account” and create a new account. In the new account, I found the API credentials which has username, password and signature.

I hope this will help others who might have the similar issues.

Hi Yirong, thanks for looking into your question further, and sharing the answer : ) If only all forum posts were this easy to respond to. Cheers! Ross