Payment Details (in Finance) for Invoice Receipt Showing Incorrect Name

Hi Ross,

On the page where I change my “issued” invoice to “paid”, there’s a difference to the receipt generated if I check the box to send to an email versus when they are all unchecked.

When the emails are all unchecked (Scenario A), the receipt shows me as the payee (instead of the person in the family). However, when I check the parent’s name/email (Scenario B), the email doesn’t send (it has to do with some errors on my side and I am working on it), but what happens is there is no name shown on the payee as well. It might be due to a knock on effect of being unable to sent possibly.

Is there a way I can show the name of the parent/company in Payment Details (attached screen shot of what I’m getting at the moment in Scenario A). Thanks Ross!


P.S I’ve also sent the SQL dump to the support email.


OK, I have had a play with your data, and cannot recreate the issue. Whether or not emails are checked when payment is made seems to have no impact on how the payment page, or the receipt look, in the final result.

The reason that your name appears on the Payment Details is that you were the one receiving the fee/entering the data. The parent/company details do show at the top under the Receipt To text.

For v14 I have moved the field to the right, so it is less prominent, and changed the header to make it clearer what it shows (if the parent pays themselves via PayPal, then their name will appear here):

Hope this helps,