Another beginner’s question I am sure, but now that I have staff and students entered into our system, how do I create a password for everyone?

User names have been created within the profile, but I can’t work out how to do passwprds.


It appears to have resolved itself…I think our IT guys have a set password for everyone on the first log in, and then we prompt to change.

But I do now need to ask if there is anyway to change someone’s user name. These were not decided on systematically and we have varying inputs of first intial.surmname, whole names,  and partial names. I would like to streamline these to match our school email addresses, but cannot see a way to edit that field. Help please!


Good question. When you do the import, you can specify a password that will be used for each user. If you don’t do this, they all get a separate password, that is output to the screen once each user is imported. Once that screen has been closed, there is no way to get them back. As your guys found out though, they can be reset.

In terms of usernames, these can only be changed in the database, in the gibbonPerson table. Send me a list of the current and new usersnames as a spreadsheet, and I will write the SQL to run on the system to fix it all up. As long as they are all unique, it should be no problem.



Ross, your customer service is outstanding!!!

I will do as you’ve asked, but probably in a day or 2 as things are hectic at the moment.

Is there any way for the future that you could set up some sytem/code to create the user names? For our emails, teachers  are always first initial.surname Children’s email addresses for school are always first name.initial of surname
Could this formula be used to create usernames somehow adding an automatic num if doubles appear in the system?  Just a though for the future.


Well, we aim to please. I guess you are not a customer, as such, as it is all open source. More a community member ; )

When students and parents are created via the Application Form process, they get auto usernames, which are first initial + surname + numeric if not unique. It would be nice to have a setting to change how this works, which I will add to the v12 todo list (v11 is already full up with new features to write).

If you are just using Admin > User Admin > Manage Users, when you add a user the username field is blank. However, it knows what usernames have been used before, so it will tell you if your choice is not unique. Your team need to keep in mind the pattern you want, but can use whatever they like. Again, a setting to auto suggest a username has been added to the v12 todo list.

Thanks for your input, I will try and get the file back to you as soon as I can once you send it.

Hi Ross,

Just getting around to this now…is there a way to extract all of the current usernames other than manually copying and pasting each one individiually?

Sue, have you signed up for a Query Builder license? This gives you some extra power. They are currently free of charge. If not, let me know. If you have Query Builder set up, you can use the All Active Parents query to get usernames for all current parents. Ross.

Didn’t know about it Ross. Where can I sign up for this?

Good question. Generally you need to email, but in this case I will just send you the details based on this request. Download the module from, and then insert license details in Admin > System Admin > System Settings under the Value Added section. The modules works without the license, but if you have it you gain access to a large store of prebuilt queries, which you can run without knowing how SQL works, but which can be tailored if you do.

IT team have installed it and said to let you know we are running MySQL.

There are some great queries there.
I would like the script to be able to pull a list of all usernames (students, staff and parents) if at all possible.

thanks again


Glad it is looking good for you. Running MySQL is the most common way to use Gibbon (in fact the only one that does not require hacking the core), so that was my assumption. Do you know why they want me to know that?

If you have someone at school who knows SQL, they can write queries to use individually or across the whole school. There is a life saver icon at the top right of the query edit window that tells you more about the database. For your username query, you could use:

SELECT username FROM gibbonPerson WHERE status=‘Full’;

Hope this helps.


We contract out our it service hours…so they don’t actually work here, but I get them to help with stuff that is over my head.

But I just worked out how to use the script you sent so thanks…am now putting together the list of usernames (existing) and the usernames(wanted)
Will send to you tomorrow.


As requested above, and added to the v12 Todo as item 1, the feature for custom formatting of usernames is now complete in Gibbon. The changes are shown in the commits below, but this is NOT backwards compatible to v11, so you will need to wait for v12 to come out in June:

To use this feature, go to Admin > User Admin in the main menu and then Application Form Settings in the module menu. Scroll down to the Acceptance section, and look for the new field, called Username Format.

For your case, you can enter the following value to get the username structure you want:


If a username is taken, a number (1, 2, 3, 4, etc) will be appended.

At current the maximum username length is 12, which means some names will be shortened. Is this a problem for you? Do you ever shorten usernames?



hey ross,
sent this through to our tech team, but links are not valid, can you check please and let me know



The links are working for me. However, this is not backwards compatible with v11, so there is not much you can do now. If you wait until you upgrade to v12 (due for release on June 24th 2016), then you will be able to use these features.