Password email being sent to spam folder

I have encountered this issue multiple times for multiple users. The email settings works fine for notifications to admin, and other functions, but when approving a new application, the welcome email with password is always sent to the spam folder – even when the admin email address is the same as the new application email. Is there some settings or thing I can do to prevent that?

Hi Yirong, that does sound frustrating. Are you using SMTP? If so, if you’re using a relay service like Gmail SMTP, you may be able to configure your domain to help ensure these messages make it through:

Thank you for the information. I will investigate more on this.

An interesting observations the users found: although some of the users don’t get the registration email, they could use reset password option (after the admin approved the application), receive email about the password reset and then reset the password, log into the system.

Maybe the way that password reset function to send the email is different from the registration approval function. Hope this might help as well.