Parents Dashboard Info

Hi: Now I trying the parents dashboard…

  1. Are parents limited to watch the “Markbook” module?, there are NO more options here look:

  1. I have this info in one student markbook:

Seems to be the Assessment column is sorted by date, right? Is there a way to sort it from A to Z or from Z to A ?

  1. Parents are more interested in the “Cummulative” and “Final Grade” info, so, is there an option/filter/box to display those items?

  2. What is the “Submission” column purpose?.. and, why this column appears empty?

  3. On the other hand, are the People > Data Updater options just a request? or, are they going to be updated once a parent click on submit?, If the answer is a request…is the administrator going to have a notification about the request?

  4. Is it possible to check markbooks by term using a kind of filter?, I mean, not all terms together…?

Hi Adolfo,

  1. Yes, parents can only view the markbook, and will only see marks for students in their family.

  2. At the moment it’s only sorted by date.

  3. Currently the markbook doesn’t display those values on this page. For our school it’s something I’ve added in, and if there’s interest I can contribute that piece of code back to the core.

  4. Each markbook column can have Knowledge (Attainment), Effort, Comments and Submission enabled when they’re setup in the Markbook module. If that setting is not turned on for a particular markbook column, you’ll see an N/A in that row.

  5. Yes, they require approval by an admin. The Database Administrator (set in System Settings) will receive notifications, and emails if they have email notifications turned on.

  6. On the student markbook view there is currently no filter by term, but there is on the Markbook > View Markbook page (if the Group Columns by Term option is enabled in School Admin > Markbook Settings)

Sandra, for number 3, that might be best as an option that is off by default…Thanks!

Thanks Sandra, now

  1. What about “Behaviour”?, using the parent dashboard I don´t have access to the behaviour report !!, is it possible to enable this module for parents? In my school this is totally required!!

  2. What about in V14?, are we going to be able to sort it alphabetically?

  3. Please!!! I need it URGENTLY…(Thanks Ross)

  4. This is one example of a markbook column, majority of my markbooks have Knowledge on, Effort and Comments off, others columns have Effort on, Knowledge and comments off, so my question is, the three together must be enabled? or just one is sufficient?..Where is “Submission” in this example?

  5. Good !!!

  6. I already set up the markbook by term on, from the admin and teachers roles, but I think it would be easier for students and parents to check information if they can organize it by term, remember that not everyone catches academic information the way the system displays it !!! :o

  7. Why do I have Knowledge Weighting two times (under Assessment)?, by the way, I use the term “knowledge” instead of “Attainment”.

  8. What does “Leave blank to omit raw marks” mean?

Thanks in advance Sandra !!!

  1. Yes, it’s a permission that needs turned on in User Admin > Manage Permissions: View Behaviour Records_myChildren` can be turned on for Parents.

  2. We’re nearing the end of the development cycle for v14, and it’s not a top priority item. Generally viewing by the date has been sufficient as most Students and Parents will be interested seeing in the most recent entries. If you post a new thread in Feature Requests you’re welcome to request it for v15.

  3. Okay, since the code’s already written for this one I’ll see if I can get it into v14 as an option, off by default.

  4. Submission is related to the “Include Uploaded Response” option

  5. :+1:

  6. Understandable. You’re welcome to put in a Feature Request

  7. The fields should have separate names, perhaps a String Replacement has gone awry? Here’s what the defaults should look like:

  8. Related to the above answer, that field is for using the Raw Marks section, an option in Markbook Settings (eg: you can set an assignment out of 23 marks, and if you use a Percent scale it’ll calculate the percentage automatically)

For 7), this uses a setting that predates the general string replacement feature and allows you to rename Attainment and Effort in the interface. However, there was a minor bug with the feature, which is fixed by the commit below:

I am not sure if these files are backwards compatible with v13, but you can easily see the changes and replicate them in your own system.


  1. :slight_smile: . now is enabled.
  2. I’ll do it.
  3. Date for version 14?, ON for us once is ready
  4. I enabled it for one column, look:

When I go to the parents dashboard it appears like this:

Why the message “Uploaded Response” is under the “comment” column, and under “Submission” nothig yet !!!

  1. I’ll do it.

  2. Strange case because I only replaced two terms:

  1. Attainment > Knowledge
  2. Classes > Sections
Ross, based on your suggestion, I really don´t know what to do, I´m not a programmer !!!
  1. I´m investigating about “raw marks”, no idea what is this !!

Adolfo, let me know what version you are running, and I’ll sort you out some patched files.


Extract the attached file, and move the three files in the Markbook folder to /modules/Markbook in your v13.0.02 install.



Good, thanks Ross.
Now I read “Knowledge Total Mark (Leave blank to omit raw marks)” :slight_smile: , instead of "Knowledge Weighting (Leave blank to omit raw marks).
Is there any other visible change/modification with these files updated?

  1. Is there an update for this question?
  2. Is there a fix/update for this question?
  3. Now I understand the main purpuse of row marks ,thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Adolfo,

  1. The cumulative marks option has been added for v14:

  2. My mistake, looking at the code I see the Submission column is actually for homework from the Planner. There was a small bug preventing the Uploaded Response from showing up if the comment was empty, I’ve fixed this in the above PR.

  1. :+1: , Is it possible to add it to version ?..or, when it is going to be a stable version to update my gibbon installation?

  2. I´m trying homework from planner, I have problems, look
    Im creating HW from planners like this (note the date, before today):

Once the student tries to upload his HW… this is his screenshot

When he clicks on “Submit” this message in red appears:

If the teacher modifies the deadline:

There is no possibility to updload the student homework:

How do I fix these two problems?

Hi Adolfo,

  1. The release date for v14 is June 20th, will this work? This particular change involves the database so it could cause some conflicts with the updater if you apply it before the release.

  2. The upload error is likely caused by the extension .xlsm not being in the list of allowed file types. Go to School Admin > Manage File Extensions and add a file type for xlsm (without the dot).

The date doesn’t look like an error to me. It says 'Submissions opens on 10/05/2017 which I believe is in the future for your timezone. The submission open date should be set to the start of when students can upload. The due date being the end of the timeframe.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Sandra.
3) :+1:
4) :+1:

I fixed date issues, now the upload option is available for students, however, when a student uploads his/her work this message appears:

When I check the Gibbon upload folder 03, there is nothing:

Now the student markbook shows “Pending” under Submission…???

And the teacher´s markbook shows “NA” …???

So, why “pending” and why “NA” ???

Thanks Sandra, Little by little I’m moving forward… :slight_smile: with your help and Ross help

Hi Adolfo,

For the first issue, it seems like the file isn’t saving and this often the caused by file permissions on the uploads folder. Can you check that the /uploads` folder in your Gibbon installation is writeable by the server (generally 755 permissions recursive, but it can vary from system to system). Then do a test by uploading a file in a different area like Resources and see if it succeeds.

Pending generally means a student hasn’t submitted homework yet, and it shows up when an assignment has homework assigned and the due date hasn’t passed yet. The mismatch in the Pending/NA is likely due to something that’s already been fixed for v14 (here). After the next update they’ll both say Pending (Pen for short in the Markbook column).

Hope this helps!

Thanks Sandra, I appreciate your help.
Seems to be this problem is very complex, i had to contact the webhosting service where we have Gibbon installed, they are “Siteground” and this is the conversation, let me know what do you think (if you read Mario thats me):

Hi Adolfo,

This does sound complex and quite frustrating. Often it can be difficult to help figure out problems like these because we’re all using servers that are configured slightly different.

Have you been able to upload files through any other modules on Gibbon? Or is the problem just happening for students uploading homework? Testing this might help narrow down what the issue might be.

Thanks Sandra, I have been trying from a teachers role, by using the Resources Module, there was not any problem, look:

Seems to be the problem affects student roles, but I dont know why…Can this problem be fixed by using Home > User Admin > Manage Permissions??? or maybe another student setting list option that is hidden for me???

Also, I have another issue, I´m checking the teacher´s planner that is connected with the homework (the one that relies from a student account when a student wants to upload), when I move down it appears the following message:

What does this message mean?, I have no idea.
And l please Sandra, can you also read and answer my previous post, thanks