Parent-Teacher Communication Portal

Action: Establish a dedicated gateway for parent-teacher communication.
Setting Purpose: To make effective and convenient communication between parents and teachers possible.
Likely Use Case: Through a secure web portal, parents may contact with their child’s instructors, ask questions, get updates, and address issues.

Comments: This feature encourages cooperation and deepens the parent-teacher relationship, resulting in increased student support and involvement.
Key Advantages:

  1. Convenient and efficient: Parents may connect with instructors whenever they choose, reducing the need for inconvenient physical meetings or phone conversations.
  2. Real-time Updates: Parents may receive timely updates from teachers on their child’s progress, forthcoming events, assignments, and other pertinent information.

Hi Godfred_Tengey, welcome to the Gibbon forums.

Thank you for your feature request. Gibbon is primarily a school information system, however there are already a number of features that can be used to facilitate communication, such as the Messenger module and the Message Wall. Through the parent dashboard and student profile, there is lots of information about student progress and assignments shared from all the various modules in Gibbon. There are also additional module which help add links and tabs to the dashboard, such as the Info Grid module. Be sure to check out the Extend page.

While Gibbon does have a huge number of features, at the end of the day there are some features it won’t necessarily be able to replicate in the core. Emailing back and forth between parents and teachers is one of these, because as open source software it couldn’t possibly replicate the full set of features available in email clients.

Gibbon is extensible though, especially though dashboard tabs, so if you have development capacity then it could be possible to build a custom module to add the parent-portal style features that you feel are missing.

Hope this helps!