Parent 2 could not be created!

Hello there.
I installed a Gibbon for our small school. Looks good.
But we have some problem.
When we accept and admit student parent2 could not be created.
This is an error code we getting.
I tried dozen times but could not figure out why this is happening.
Any idea why this is happening and how to fix this i would appropriate that.

Parent 2 could not be created!

Student could not be enrolled, so this will have to be done manually at a later date.

Hi there.
Does anybody know how to fix this issue?

Hi @calx, one thing to check would be to see that information for both parents was indeed entered. There’s a checkbox for not entering details for the second parent which may have been ticked, which in this case there wouldn’t be a second parent, and this would be an error in the warning message itself, rather than the parent creation. Otherwise, if the data was provided in the application form, perhaps check your PHP error logs to see if there’s any Admissions-related errors in there.

I checked and and i tried numerical times it does not create parent 2. But i entered info for both parents.
There is no error in error logs.
Is there any possibility that somehow it ticked in php code.
What php file it use to create student parent?
Also, other people reported this error.


I had the same problem.
Parent 2 can not be created using a form generated by form builder.
I also tried multiple way s but without success (given that I don’t want the parents to enter all data. But only the essential ones i.e. Name email, telephone)

What I did at the end is to remove the second parent data fom the form. And add them manually if the parents ask for it.

The second problem regarding enrollment, I also had it in the past, and the problem was the form group and the year.
I don’t use form group in my setup, so I hide it from registration form, then the enrollment is broken.

I solve that by having default value for form group field and then hide it from the registration form.

Thanks everyone for sharing the details of this issue. I’ve created a patch for it, however it’s not a simple one-file fix, so I’ve bundled it into a v25.0.01 release which has just gone out today, and includes a number of other fixes and improvements: Release Ice House Street (Maintenance & Security Release) · GibbonEdu/core · GitHub Schools are advised to update, and there should be little front-end impact, as there are no new features, just bug fixes and security improvements. Thanks!

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Hi Sandra,

Thank you for the patch.
Question: Our school registration begin in August. We already have around 50 families enrolled in the system. We don’t have parent2 users in system (except gibbonAdmissionsApplication )

All our parent 2 data is in “gibbonAdmissionsApplication” table.
I have been using following query to get the parent 2 info to collect all email addresses. Basically I get json object and have python script to parse data from Json object

FROM gibbonAdmissionsApplication
where status = ‘Accepted’

What is the best way to transfer data from gibbonAdmissionsApplication to create parent 2 users and also join them to correct family id for current existing accepted applications (before the patch)

Thanks for all the help.

For anyone dealing with similar issue
Json: CSV to excel:

import json
import sys
import pandas as pd

if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print(“Usage: python input.csv output_file.xlsx”)

input_csv_file = sys.argv[1]
output_xlsx_file = sys.argv[2]

# Load the Excel file
csvJsonData = pd.read_csv(input_csv_file)
jsonData = csvJsonData[‘data’].apply(json.loads)
familyData = jsonData.values.tolist()
loadDataFrame = pd.DataFrame(familyData)

except Exception as e:
print(“An error occurred:”, e)

Now is working fine.

Thank you for everything.