outdate data?

Hi, As always, I want to say that I always search through the forum before asking my questions.
So, I was misunderstanding the year concept, and had created 2017-1 instead of only a whole year and then creating “terms”. Today I meant to fix it and removed 2017-1. Then I created year 2017 and created a term 17-1.
Finally, I went to timetables (/index.php?q=/modules/Timetable Admin/tt.php) and the only year available there is 2017-1 (the year I deleted). Why is that?

Adding more to this, I decided to log out and log back in. Went back to Manage timetables, and now there it is the year 2017. 0.o

Gibbon does cache a few values that aren’t expected to change frequently (such as the current school year name) so it is possible that this was cached and logging out and back in refreshed it. It’s a pretty rare case to be deleting a current school year, is your system setup for testing or is it running live at your school? Otherwise, often re-naming is a safer way to change something than deleting and re-creating.

Yeah, you are right. That is not something I will do every day :smiley:
Thank you so much skupers, once again. I honestly thought this could be that kind of scenarios, but was just not sure.