Outcomes across a number of learning areas (integrated outcomes)

Hi Gibbon community,

Wondering if anyone has ideas on how to import outcomes into multiple learning areas without duplicating them, but also without making school level outcomes an overwhelmingly big list?

Ross - should we look at a one outcome to multiple learning-areas relationship (yay more CSV!)? Or is that done already somehow? 

I’m at the stage of mass importing outcomes so I can get teachers to pilot some planner activity.



In some ways I was trying to pre-empt this with school-wide outcomes, but I guess you are looking at a level of inter-departmental cooperation that is far higher than I am used to!

The code and database structures for doing this already exists in the Free Learning module, where a unit can belong to multiple departments. No reason we can’t use the same technique (CSV FTW!) to achieve the same thing for outcomes.

The question is then, how do we make sure all the places that connect outcomes to department (and there are quite a few across the core and additional modules) conform to the new way of working. This would take a little searching and tweaking to get right.

Not a difficult process, but I guess it would take a few hours in total to make sure it all works.

Is this something you think you might want to contribute?




Sure - I may be able to take a look at this.

OpenSource is so much more positive a phrase than distributed donkey work…

I’ll see how far I get.


It’s a community : ) If you are the front donkey, I am the one behind…