Outcome Name Length

My wife has started using GibbonEdu for her home school. We are in Indiana, USA, and we use the Indiana department of Education’s standards as our outcome records. Apparently, we Hoosiers are very wordy when developing standards. The current column Name in the table Outcome has a length of varchar(100). I would like to request this to be increased to varchar(1024).

Thanks for the consideration.

Hi Scott, great to hear your family is making use of Gibbon for your home school. Outcomes do have a description field which is not limited in length. My suggestion would be to come up with a shorter version of the outcome for the name and add the rest to the description. Outcomes are often used in dropdowns in the Planner, so increasing the name length would be problematic as this would no longer fit in a dropdown menu, but the description should be able to fit all the text you need.

Thank you Sandra