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Please how can Outcome be group by course? I read from planner thou:-

This view gives an overview of which whole school and learning area outcomes are covered by classes in a given course, allowing for curriculum mapping by outcome and course. But all the outcomes of each course did not display, please where am I getting it wrong. Where can we carry out the curriculum mapping by course?

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Hi Francis,

Under Learn > Planner > Manage Outcomes you can create the outcomes that your school wishes to track. These can be whole school outcomes, or outcomes attached to specific departments.

Then, when you are editing lessons (Lesson Planner) or units (Unit Planner), you can associate these outcomes.

These are then what is considered when looking at the Outcomes By Course report.

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Hi-Life Builder,
Thanks for the quick response, the outcome has been created with manage outcome and linked with the lesson planner, but viewing through the outcome by course, the outcome link did not display.

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Hi Francis, I’ve tried to recreate this, but it is working OK for me. Can you send me screenshots of Manage, the lesson where the outcome is attached, and the Outcomes by Course report, so I can see if I can spot anything amiss? Thanks, Ross.

Mind builder,

I value You! here are the screenshots of the lesson and the Outcome by Course report.

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Hi Francis,

In Timetable Admin > Manage Courses and Classes, if you edit the Business Studies course, does it have the JSS1 year group checked? I’ve tried to recreate the issue and couldn’t, but if perhaps the course wasn’t connected to the same year group as the outcome then this may cause the issue you’re seeing.

Hi, Life Builders,
The JSS1 class is checked

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Hi Francis,

Thanks, using your example I was able to recreate the bug, which applied to courses with multiple year groups. I’ve created a fix which you can see here https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/commit/61f8f3f56eafe266a4e411a507a3d08f1de6cea8 You can apply it back to your system by copying the updated curriculumMapping_outcomesByCourse.php file into the <code class="CodeInline">modules/Plannerfolder.