Order of values when making a selection


I am currently trying the French version of Gibbon.

I notice when selecting a country, that the list of values ​​is sorted by the country name in English instead of the country name in French.

It’s the same situation when selecting a language.

Is this a bug or is this a normal situation?

Thanks !

Gibbon : v25.0.01, PHP v8.1.2, MySQL v8.0.35, Ubuntu 22.04.3

Hi @smarcil, thanks for letting us know. Looks like this would have been an oversight, as the values are translated after they have been sorted and fetched from the database. I’ve created a fix for this issue in the development branch for v26, which is aimed to release Nov 20, 2023. You can see the fix below and apply it to your system if you’d like, it should be backwards compatible to v25.