Online Test or Quiz

Hi Admins,

Is there a way to post a test or a quiz or Multiple Choice Questions on Gibbon which automatically gives scores?


Hello again : )

We deliberately did not build this into Gibbon, as there are so many specialised tools out there, which can be embedded into a Gibbon lesson plan (as per this post).

For tests and quizzes, I would look to use Google Drive or Kahoot (which is a lot of fun!).



Thanks for that Ross. I’ll look up into that. So with Google Drive + Free Learning, do I need Moodle?

We don’t use Moodle with Gibbon, but I know of some schools that have combined them. I am not a big Moodle fan, so we set up basic syncing from Moodle to Gibbon, but never went much further. Cheers!