Online register for student activities

Hi Ross,

Happy New Year!
I would like to know if it is possible for student to do online register in Gibbon?
I search on activities section as an admin and couldn’t find it there.

Thanks for your help!

Sorry i was being not clear with my question. I was trying to ask if it is possible for student to do online sign up for their After school activities in Gibbon?

Also i found from the student view they can not see all the activities list the school have throughout the year. Can you please let me know how to fix this? ( screen shot attached).

Hello Ayu,

Long time now see! Yes, students can sign up for their activities, and for younger students, parents can do it on their behalf. The two relevant permissions are:

  • View Activities_studentRegister
  • View Activities_studentRegisterByParent

Whether or not viewing and registering are available to those with access to View Activities depends on two factors:

  1. For View Activities_studentRegister students need to be in a year group for which the activity is flagged (when you add/edit activities you can specific year groups).
  2. There is a setting called Access in Admin > School Admin > Manage Activity Settings which controls viewing and registering: the idea is that you can hide activities from students whilst the data is being entered into the system, then turn it on for viewing, and finally turn it on for registration.

I hope this helps!


Thank you Ross,

Check the screen shot attached, before I sent you the first email the permission have been set as per your instruction above. When I log in as student, I still can not see the activities, do you know what is the problem?
It says database error…

Ah, now that is odd, sorry, I missed that. Any chance you can go into the code and find out what the error is? I can help you if you need, just let me know.

Sorry, i just relized that i was log in to the wrong demo student account.
I see the list of the activity, how the student sign up? where should they go to? I can only see view details of the activity but no button to click for sign up.

No worries. If you change the Access setting in Manage Activity Settings from View to Register, then buttons will appear for students to register.

Still interested to learn more about that database error so we can try and fix it.

I have change the access settings and I still can not see the buttons! or I must be blind :frowning:
Another screen shot from student page below.

Never mind, found it, I was changing the settings in manage permission page that is why it doesn’t appear!

Thank you So Much!