Online Fees Payment Option in Gibbon

Please can Gibbon be used to pay any kind of fees online? For example, can students or their parents use Gibbon in order to pay students fees
(e.g. school/tuition fee, transportation fee, etc) online without having to go to the bank or to the school to pay the fees? If yes, how?

Frank, yes, this is supported in Gibbon, via PayPal. If you go to Admin > System Admin in the main menu, and then Third Party Settings in the module menu, you can see options to enable and authenticate against the PayPal API. The Finance module (under Other in the main menu) let’s you create invoices. If you play with Manage Finance Settings (under Admin > School Admin in the main menu), you can allow payment of all or some invoices using PayPal. Hope this helps. Ross.

Thank you so much for your response Ross.
There are some countries that can not accept PayPal payment. The option that is possible for us is Quick Teller ( Please how can school fees be collected from students or their parents through Quick Teller using Gibbon? Please help us.

Frank, adding an alternative payment gateway is on our v14 Trello board, so hopefully we will have QuickTeller integrated by June 2017, when it is due for release. Thanks : )

Thank you so much. please we would like QuickTeller to be integrated into Gibbon. June 2017 is really too far. While we wait for that time, we would like to integrate QuickTeller immediately into the version 12 we’re currently testing. Please could you be kind enough to give us a guide on how to go about the integration? Is it something we can easily integrate ourselves? If not, do you know of any developer that can help us integrate QuickTeller into Gibbon?
Please we need the integration now please.

In terms of doing this yourself now, this would be difficult. You would need to create some settings in the table gibbonSetting to store the relevant information for authenticating to the QuickTeller API, and then include their libraries, and finally adjust Gibbon to send payments there, and not PayPal. It would not be trivial (one reason we have not done it sooner!).

If you are interested in having someone do the QuickTeller integration for you, I would speak to @andystat at Rapid36. He may be able to do it ahead of schedule, and then help you when you come to upgrade to v14 so it all keeps working properly. You would not want to do it in such a way that cuts you off from future Gibbon Core upgrades, as you will miss out on future functionality.


Thank you so much for your response and help.
Please help us speak to @andystat at Rapid36.
Please how do I know the outcome of your discussion with him regarding QuickTeller integration in Gibbon for us?


You can contact Rapid36 at

If you initiate discussions with him, when the point comes where he needs my input he will know to get in touch with me (but you can always prompt him if you wish).



I have a similar request we need to intergrate a local payment platform which intergrates mobile money payments that are popular in our country. Are you able to add that in the core as well as the Zimbabwean Dollar currency.

is it possible to configure gibbon for a private school that charges monthly for each course per student?

Hi cursors, apologies for the long wait on this reply…busy times! You cannot automate this kind of per-student-per-course charging, however, Gibbon does make it relatively to do. You can define different fees for different courses that carry different costs, and then batch select students to whom you wish to apply these fees. It would be fiddly, and might take some time.

Another approach would be to use Admin > System Admin > Import From File. At current there are no finance imports, but it ought to be possible to define one, and the fact that such definitions are based on YML means that no programming is required: you just specify the data to be included in the import.

Hope this helps!